to Roch

Battery housings for e-mobility
Welded short tubes
Machinery and equipment for industry
Modern power hydraulics systems

History sincle 1988

The ROCH company has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years, continuously providing high-quality services in the field of power hydraulics (sales, repair, regeneration, diagnostics) and in the field of production services.

Our experience and skilled staff enable us to approach our customers individually.

Year 1988 Roch company is launched with the aim of Power Hydraulics market
Year 1994 The company opens its first production workshop
Year 2003 The company moves to a new location
Year 2008 The ISO 9001 quality system is introduced
Year 2011 Construction of a measuring laboratory
Year 2013 Construction of a hall for the production of machinery and equipment
Year 2018 Construction of the hall and the launch of the short pipes production line
Year 2020 The launch of another two lines for the production of short pipes
Year 2021 The IATF 16949 quality system is introduced
Year 2022 Start-up of a line for the production of battery housings
Year 2023 Construction of a hall for storage purposes