About Us

The ROCH company has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years, continuously providing high-quality services in the field of power hydraulics (sales, repair, regeneration, diagnostics) and in the field of production services.

A significant advantage of our business is many years of experience, which translates into the speed and quality of our services. In addition, it translated into expanding the group of customers and acquiring business partners all over the world. The experience we have gained and a qualified staff of employees allows us to approach clients individually. Customer satisfaction is the most important for us, therefore we always try to serve the customer in the best possible way.

Construction of machines and devices

Designing and manufacturing dedicated machines and devices under their own brand, along with their automation and robotization. Our own Design Department and Automation Department, based on the company’s Know-How, allow us to implement turnkey projects. We have the ability to independently produce the designed devices, from the welding process, through machining, ending with assembly, commissioning and service.

Production of short pipes

Production of short tubes in laser welding and TiG technology for various industries. Our products are used, among others in the production of exhaust systems, chimney systems and ventilation and filtration systems.

Power hydraulics  

Manufacture, sale, repair and service of hydraulic installations and components in a wide range of applications. We have a sales and repair agency from Bosch Rexroth, Hydromatic and Pocain.
We also sell and repair hydraulic components from other known manufacturers such as Sauer Danfoss, Vickers, Denison, Parker and more.


History since 1998

Year 1988 Roch company is launched with the aim of Power Hydraulics market
Year 1994 The company opens its first production workshop
Year 2003 The company moves to a new location
Year 2008 The ISO 9001 quality system is introduced
Year 2011 Construction of a measuring laboratory
Year 2013 Construction of a hall for the production of machinery and equipment

Year 2018

Construction of the hall and the launch of the short pipes production line
Year 2020 The launch of another two lines for the production of short pipes
Year 2021 The IATF 16949 quality system is introduced